Have you ever needed feedback on a new lesson plan but felt you had no one to turn to? Instructional design can feel like a lonely and extremely challenging endeavor for new and inexperienced teachers. Collaborating with other teachers is not only motivating but it also builds relationships. The ideas being shared in these web pages are growing from just a seed of an idea to create a forum for reaching out to and collaborating with other middle school science teachers that would like to be a part of an effort to build comprehensive science units for use in their classrooms. A website format was chosen because online communities tend to have an advantage because they allow an asynchronous exchange of ideas without any concerns for scheduling conflicts among the contributors.
The understanding by design model for instructional design is highly encouraged in order to establish a consistent framework from which to design. Effective instructional design demands a systematic approach to producing learner driven replicable processes for the communication of knowledge based on clearly defined objectives, and finally evaluated using unbiased assessment tools.

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